“Survey on female genital mutilation”

Women is sewn directly stories from women who have experienced dramatic infibulation . The work collects historical data and information supplied by the episodes of subjective experiences and that he witnessed personally the author, such as to put the reader in a position to better understand the cultural atmosphere so distant and complex within which are accomplished real abuse. The main protagonists of the stories are girls, moms, women and midwives infibulation (ie those who perform it in fact ) , Sabrina Avakianha people who met during his lavoro.Il book aims to document the origin of infibulation , but especially want to give a voice to girls mutilated and scarred emotionally to be accepted by the family,
community and their future husbands, children healthy , beautiful , creative and enthusiastic about life, which are stripped to their games and subjected to a practice that invades deeply their intimità.Nonostante the existence of international instruments such as the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on religion or Belief , based on the fact that the cultural and religious beliefs in which a child grows should not undermine his physical or psychological integrity , the number of girls infibulate , today , it is still very wise alto.Un reportage that is heartfelt complaint and attempt to set a cultural awareness .


Angola is still alive , a tradition that in the presence of ‘ evil ‘ you must find a scapegoat. The victims are mostly children, often toddlers , who once accused suffer all kinds of abuse : from abuse to abuse, after removal from their families and communities, the exploitation up to, in cases too often frequent even at their killing . The book unfolds in a series of stories collected live by the author during his stay as a worker of peace in that troubled land . Stories that openly denounce abuses . Stories that drip with pain and despair, as if the cry for help of the victims did, even before the complaint, heartfelt prayer .

Hence the dual objective of the text: first, to provide an insight into the daily reality Angolan giving voice to the innocent subjected to the torture of a perversion result of socio-cultural disintegration , the other to bring to light the devastating effects of colonialism and post-war period . A manifesto against the abuses, a book for further study, direct evidence of a little-known page of the geography of the world.



Inchiesta sull’ omosessualità in Africa

The proposed text are stories told by women and men who are persecuted for their homosexuality in Africa, who live every day a dramatic experience . The author provides data, information and historical costume to put the reader in such conditions to better understand the cultural atmosphere so distant and complex , in which you perform some real abuse. The main protagonists of these stories are men and women, people who Sabrina Avakian met in the course of his work . The book aims to give a voice to those women and men emotionally scared for their homosexuality and rejected by their families , the community and their friends .

These people are also activists who rebel against the rules to their perverse socio-cultural imposte.  Despite the existence of  international instruments that protect the human rights of the cultural and religious beliefs lead to perverse exercise torture, stoning and to impose the death penalty even for people of sexual orientations different from those considered “normal .”


African Serial Killers

tra magia, superstizione e omicidi rituali

The serial killer in Africa the figure are almost inseparable from the superstition , black magic and ritual From From . After getting called up the definition of Serial Killer Shrike And contextualized in the African context , we examine The ritual murders in Their significance and the role played by religious leaders , militias and Dai feitiçaria Dalla. The confine between magic and murder , and between THESE and the modus operandi of the Serial Killer in Africa , Their principals and SOME types of ritual murders , sexual discrimination TRADITION are the heart of the volume , the Completed Since many profiles of African Serial Killers.